Don’t Panic


When hope crumbles away, starting from the outer layer of your thoughts, you get a visitor you didn’t see coming – PANIC.

Well, who invited him? He’s not very helpful. Avoid panicking by controlling your thoughts. How?

Be a bouncer.

Card all of your thoughts at the door of your mind. That’s right! Don’t dwell on any thoughts without reading their ID to see if they are rational and positive, or not. Sounds silly?

Panic shows up when you’ve thrown your mind wide open, reaching for any idea that seems plausible.

Instead, have a guest list handy and decide what you are going to allow yourself to think.

You’re in charge of your mind, after all. Keep calm and take inventory of your thoughts.

It Sounded Good at the Time


“How ’bout that rain, huh?”

Does that sound like a good ice-breaker? I suggested someone try that last time it rained. We waited six months for some form of precipitation so it’s at least worth a comment, right?

An onlooker slightly shook his head. No, this was not sound advice. After a nine-year silence, a more interesting topic would need to breach the iceberg that has formed between “Guy” and his neighbors. Continue reading

Surviving Your Calling


Is what you are called to do in opposition to other things in your life? Does it feel like a catastrophic dilemma?

If you’ve ever met me, you may have found it a bit awkward. I deal with social anxiety whenever I’m around people, so being heard or seen can be hard for me. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since I received the call to sing for God. Continue reading

How Do You Feel About Your Work?


via Daily Prompt: Slog

I’ve been working at a particular company for 11 years now. The work that I do isn’t directly related to my degree or interests. This situation is very common nowaday.

One of my co-workers plays base for a rock band in his spare time and works in a high-level office position during the day. He once told me that having a job that you don’t like is expected. His tone and manner were full of disbelief because I wanted to find something more interesting to do.

So many people, like my co-worker, think that your job doesn’t have to be enjoyable. We should re-think that since we spend so much time at work.

We would all be much happier and live more fulfilling lives if we manage to bring our dreams into our daytime vision. I appreciate the professional experience acquired over the last 11 years, but it’s time to focus on the dreams of my youth.

If you aren’t working in the field that motivates you to get out of bed every morning, I hope you will consider spending more time doing the things that make you feel excited about life.

7 Radically Different Things About Korean Dramas


via Daily Prompt: Radical

I got bored with American TV last year and turned to Korean dramas for entertainment. If you’re not familiar with these dramas, “drama” really is just another term for a TV show and doesn’t mean the shows are dramatic.
I made a short list of things that I kept noticing throughout different series: Continue reading

Well, Does He or Doesn’t He?


I’ve been spending time with a few people over the last couple of months. Recently, I learned that some of them are atheists and agnostics.

During our last meeting, I listened as they discussed creationism versus evolution, the validity of the flood and whether only two of each animal species could be enough to repopulate the earth, and where the Garden of Eden is – if it ever existed. Continue reading

Striving To Connect


As I sit outside of the Starbucks sipping an awful blend of lemonade and green tea, which I bought to feel like I have a right to hang out and use the WiFi, I watch the people around me (stealthily, of course).

It’s a breezy 85 degrees in northern CA, and I’m trying something new. I’ve never sat at a Starbucks to write, but I have left the house to be with people and ended up alone before.

Where are these Meetup people? I can’t distinguish them from the other customers. While writing songs can be a collaboration, writing blog posts is often a solitary activity. Maybe I wanted to borrow someone’s creative juices. Maybe an amazing conversation could have started over how hard it is to write regularly.

Having an unpredictable encounter with a stranger seemed like just what I needed on this peaceful Saturday afternoon. Oh well!

Will this “party of one” girl ever find a West Coast crew?